Selway Wilderness Outfitters
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Big Game Hunting, Fishing, Pack Trips, Trail Rides
Selway Wilderness Outfitters offer big game hunting deep in the Selway Wilderness, within our permitted operating area. Hunting in the Selway rivals that experienced by our ancestors 50 or more years ago. Far from roads and crowds of hunters, you can expect to encounter old, mature bull elk, mule deer and whitetail deer on a regular basis. When we hunt in the Selway, we'll hunt from tent camps and/or the Ranch, depending upon time of year and game sought, using horses and mules. Other hunters are very rarely encountered and game populations remain very good in this pristine area. We offer hunts ranging from September for bugling bulls to November for deer during the rut. And success rates for mature animals is very high. We also offer cougar hunts during the winter months, and both spring and fall hunts for black bears of all color phases. We will be able to hunt wolves with other paid hunts so be sure to purchase a tag! Cutthroat trout fishing on the famous Selway River, flowing right by our front yard, is unparalleled due to the "catch-and-release" regulations and the requirement to use barbless hooks. Dozens of nice cutthroat trout per day per angler, mostly fly-fishing, is the norm on this beautiful river.

Exclusively Private Working Guest Ranch
When this area of the Selway, formerly part of the Idaho Primitive area, became a designated "Wilderness Area" in 1963, most of the old homestead ranches were sold back to the Forest Service. Of the ones that remain, most have become exclusively private. Running Creek Ranch is the only remaining guest ranch in operation.

A Oneness With Nature
With acres of pasture, a private airstrip, guest cabins, cook house and bath house, your stay will be exciting, relaxing and comfortable. The Ranch is a working ranch with horses, mules, chickens, irrigated pastures, orchards and vegetable gardens. Fresh eggs, fruit and vegetables, homemade pies and biscuits, you’ll think you have stepped back in time, back to the times of sipping lemonade on the porch while the Wenger’s play a tune on their guitars and fiddle. While on the Ranch, with the scenic Selway River at your doorstep, return to a calmer, slower pace. You’ll be connected with the land and the wildlife... a oneness with nature at its finest.

Private Relaxing Vacation Opportunity
Our goal here at Running Creek is to preserve our historic part of the Selway and share it with you. We only book one group at a time. We do not mix groups. When you stay at our Ranch, it is a private, exclusive experience. More often than not, you may ride, fish or hunt all day without seeing another person - very few other places can boast that claim! Come visit and experience this magical place. It soothes the soul and refreshes the spirit, resulting in a truly relaxing vacation.